Grace Kevill-Davies

Grace Kevill-Davies

Grace Kevill-Davies will exhibit new work for her solo exhibition Hope Floats accompanied by a written essay by Amy-Clare McCarthy: Hope Floats – Gratification Sinks
Exhibition opening: 12th December, 2014.


Grace Kevill-Davies creates staged environments assembled from found and made objects. By exploring processes of play and chance through the lens of the diorama, common cinematic tropes are manipulated using an array of materials including titles, sounds, images and miniature objects. By juxtaposing these elements together, comic effect is used to subvert meanings and expectations. In her latest series, Kevill-Davies explores lame clichéd films (and television shows) to inform her video and sculptural installations; creating fragments of narrative that are unresolved and permanently caught in suspended moments in time.

Kevill-Davies holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from Queensland University of Technology (2013).  She has exhibited in group exhibitions throughout Brisbane such as ‘Brisbane Experimental Art Festival’ (BEAF) at Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts (2014), and ‘Earth, Fire, Wind’ at Boxcopy (2014).

e: gracelizabethkd[at]