Benjamin Crowley

Benjamin Crowley

Benjamin Crowley exhibited new work for his solo exhibition Fangin’ accompanied by a written essay by Dany Ford: Pisswreck Destiny


Like cringe-worthy semi-scripted reality T.V. Benjamin Crowley’s practice is predominately performance based and is hinged on the compulsion to elicit ambivalence and doubt. Focusing on the experience of young Australian males Crowley’s practice attempt to expose the folly in projected identity, masculinity and the cult of persona within Contemporary Art. As content and subject of the majority of his practice Crowley’s work is at once autobiographical and a parody. Merging real experience with the mediated his actions maintain a sense of plausibility whilst forcing the viewer to question the authenticity of each work. Crowley’s work may be experienced in the form of live or documented performance, photography, object-based media, text, and includes a line of merchandised goods.

Benjamin Crowley completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (1st Class) at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane in 2012. He has exhibited in various exhibitions throughout Brisbane including Out of House, Metro Arts, Brisbane (2013), Therefore, The Block, QUT (2012) and Armageddon Again, Metro Arts (2010). His work has also been included in publications such as Out of House: Inhouse by Jenna Baldock, published by Metro Arts (2013).

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