Alrey Batol

Alrey Batol

Alrey Batol exhibited new work for his solo exhibition Waterbirds accompanied by a written essay by Katherine Dionysius: The Length of a Piece of String.


Alrey Batol is a Brisbane Based emerging artist originating from the Philippines. Batol’s work explores and critiques the phenomenology of telepresence and the process of art reception. His work collectively explores the allure of abstract knowledge and the unknown through a Zen Buddhism lens. Batol’s work highlights our dependence on our known constructs from perceptual negotiations with the phenomenal world by forcing the viewer to question this preconceived understandings. These notions are explored though sculpture, multimedia artworks, interactive computer and screen based art.

Batol has a Bachelor of Communication Design from Queensland University of Technology (year) and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Art at Queensland College of Art. He had his first solo show ‘Truth-Worship’ with Witch Meat ARI in 2012. Batol’s work has been exhibited widely within group shows throughout Australia some of which include: Fresher (Inbetweenspaces, 2011), New Primitive (SPEC, 2011), Fission (Inhouse ARI, 2012), Siege Mentality (OtherFilm Festival, 2012). He has also hosted an electronics workshop for the UnConvention festival (Brisbane, 2011) at The Edge, State Library of Queensland.

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